Resource Library

This resource library contains material gathered by our late Chairman Roger Goodall over a lifetime of modelling. The collection was donated to the Bedfordshire Group by Rogers’s widow for the benefit and use of the Bedfordshire Group members. It is a collection of articles and material gathered from a variety of magazines and journals; as such they would the copyright of the original publishers or authors.

With this in mind we regret that it is not possible for the group to respond to requests for copies or the loan of the original magazine articles.

Chris Pretty - Secretary, Bedfordshire Area Group

STEAM LOCOMOTIVES - Drawings, Photographs and Articles

11Penrhyn steam swansong - article with fleet details
12Dinorwic Quarry locomotives - article with fleet details
13Hunslet ‘Louisa’ - drawings
15Tram class - drawings and photographs
16Port class - drawings and photographs
17Hunslet ‘Charles’ - Drawing and photograph
18Cilgwyn Quarry Manning Wardle 'Jubilee' Drawing
19Cilgwyn Quarry Hunslet ' Lilla' Drawing
110Daniel Adamson 0-4-0T for Oakeley quarries - drawings
111Horwich works shunters (‘Robin’ - ‘Wren’) - drawings
112J.H.Wilson & Co. ‘Mole’ - Photograph
113Unknown loco ‘George’ - photograph
114Vulcan Foundry ‘Kathleen’ - photograph and Drawing
115Teifi Valley Kerr Stuart 'Sgt Murphy' Drawings
116“Excelsior’ - Drawing
117Kerr Stuart Wren class - Article, Photo and Drawings
118Talyllyn - Andrew Barclay class E (‘Douglas’) - Drawing
119Talyllyn - Kerr Stuart Tattoo class ‘Talyllyn’ & ‘Edward Thomas’ - Drawing
120Fowler 0-4-2T - Drawing and photograph
121Kerr Stuart Haig class - Drawing
122Kerr Stuart Sirdar class ‘Diana’ - Drawing
123Welsh Highland Bagnall 0-4-2 - Drawing
124Hudswell-Clarke ‘San Justo’ - Drawing
125Decauville loco’s type 1 & 3 - Drawing and photograph
126Baldwin 0-4-2 ‘Fairymead’ - Drawing and photograph
127Beyer Peacock Garratt K1 - Article, Drawings and Photos
128GVT - Beyer Peacock loco’s - Drawing
129Andrew Barclay 0-6-0T ‘Doll’ - Drawing
130Alco 2-6-2T - Drawing
131Baldwin locomotives - Article, Drawings and Photos
132Bagnall ‘Sybil’ - photograph
133Vulcan Foundry single Fairlie - Drawing
134J.Slee loco ‘Victoria’ for Plynlimon and Hafan Tramway - Drawing
135Merryweather tram loco - photograph
136Tram loco ‘Sylvolde’ - photograph
137“Double Sentinel’? - photograph
138DeWinton (David Smith kit instructions)
139Welshpool & Llanfair - Barclay loco ‘Dougal’ - Drawing
140Welshpool & Llanfair - ‘Sir Drefaldwyn’ - Drawing
141Welshpool & Llanfair - Kerr Stuart ‘Joan’ - Drawing
142Welshpool & Llanfair - Beyer Peacock ‘The Countess’ - Drawing
143Welsh Highland - Hunslet ‘Russell’ - Drawing
144Welsh Highland - Hunslet ‘Gowrie’ - Drawing
145Welsh Highland - Hunslet ‘Beddgelert’ - Drawing
146Welsh Highland - Hunslet ‘Cadfan’ - Drawing
147Welsh Highland - DeWinton ‘Falcon’ - Drawing
148Welsh Highland - ‘Karen’ - Drawing
149Welsh Highland - ex S.A. Bagnall - Drawing
150Welsh Highland - O&K ‘Pedemoura’ - Drawing
151Southwold Railway 0-6-2T - Drawing
152Southwold Railway 2-4-0T -Drawing
153Festiniog Railway - George England ‘Prince’ - Drawing

DIESEL LOCOMOTIVES - Drawings, Photographs and Articles

21Battery electric loco NG24 at RAF Chilmark - drawings and photographs
22Diesel Hydraulic loco MoD50-54 at RAF Chilmark - drawings and photographs
240-4-0BE mine loco - drawings and photographs
25Assorted battery mine loco's - photographs
26Lister 4-6 hp Type R Auto Truck - drawings
27Planet motor driven truck - drawings
28O&K Koppel Midget - drawings
29O&K single cylinder diesel loco - drawings and photographs
210Ruston and Hornsby 16hp 2 cylinder diesel loco - drawings and photographs
211Small 'rail car' at Stonehenge - photographs
212Hunslet 2176 - drawings and photographs
213Bagulay 0-4-0PM class 774 - drawings and photographs
214Standard Steel 'Stansteco' minor and major - drawings and photographs
215Jung MSZ 130 and 131 - drawings and photographs
216Fordson tractor conversion - photographs
217'Nutty' tractor conversion - photographs
218Fowler Marshall 40hp diesel loco - drawings and photographs
219Kerr Stuart 6W diesel (now at Festiniog) - drawings
220Dick Kerr 4WPE as used on NWNGR and Ashover - drawings
221Fowler 'Resilient' class - drawings
222'Harlech Castle' at Festiniog - drawings
223List of LBNGR locos
224Motor Rail 20hp bow frame Simplex - drawings
225Motor Rail 8/12hp channel frame Simplex - drawings and photographs
226Motor Rail 20/35hp channel frame Simplex - drawings and photographs
227Motor Rail 20hp plate frame Simplex - drawings and photographs
228Motor Rail 40hp channel frame Simplex - drawings
229Motor Rail 60S Simplex - drawings and photographs
230Motor Rail 40hp bow frame armoured Simplex - drawings and photographs
231Bord na Mona oddities - photographs
232Galloping Geese - outline drawings
233Ruston 10hp - drawings
234Ruston 18/21hp - drawings
235Ruston 27/32hp - drawings
236Ruston 36/42hp - drawings
237Simplex T series - drawings
238LBR No.80 - artists impression
239Alan Keef modified Simplex T for LBR No. 80
240Roger Goodall's hand drawings of No. 80 for model
241No. 80 model drawings by Roger Goodall
242Hunslet diesel

WAGONS and COACHES - Drawings, Photographs and Articles

31Festiniog Railway bug boxes
32Festiniog Railway brake van #1
33Festiniog Railway quarryman's coach
34Festiniog Railway 1865 luggage van
35Festiniog Railway 1883 hearse
36Festiniog Railway curly top brake and luggage vans
37Festiniog Railway bogie luggage vans 2 & 10
38Festiniog Railway quarryman's brake van
39Festiniog Railway 4 wheel coaches
310Festiniog Railway 'iron' bogie coach
311Festiniog Railway new aluminium coach
312Festiniog Railway PW wagons and coach
313Festiniog Railway steel gunpowder wagon
314Welsh Highland Railway 4 W and Cleminson all third coaches
315Welsh Highland Railway Cleminson brake compo
316Welsh Highland Railway Gladstone and Workmans coaches
317Welsh Highland Railway Brown Marshall corridor coaches
318Welsh Highland Railway Brown Marshall summer coaches
319Welsh Highland Railway Brown Marshall brake compo
320Welsh Highland Railway Pickering brake
321Welsh Highland Railway brake van
322Welsh Highland Railway goods van
323Welsh Highland Railway 6 W Cleminson wagon
324North Wales Narrow Gauge open wagons
325North Wales Narrow Gauge open wagons
326Hudson side tipping skip wagon
327WDLR class A open wagon, removable sides
328WDLR class A open wagon, fixed sides
329WDLR class A open wagon, folding sides
330WDLR class C open wagon, removable sides
331WDLR class C open wagon, fixed sides
332GVT clerestory coach
333GVT first class coach
334GVT open coach
335GVT third class coach
336GVT covered goods
337GVT Guards Van
338RAF Chilmark coaches and wagons
339WDLR bogie wagons - types D, E and F
340Hudson open toastrack coach
341Hudson ammunition wagon
3422 ton side dumping wagons
343Peat wagons on skip chassis
344WD covered wagons with sliding roof
345Furzebrook Railway tipping clay wagons
346CFC logging truck
347Bogie with sway bunk
348Fowler sugar cane wagons
349Jubilee track drawings
350Jubilee track standards
351L&M transporter wagons
352L&M coaches
353IOM Trams


41Finescale Engineering data sheet for Cranmore Peckett (Samantha)
42Mamod and IP engineering ‘Jane’ manuals
4316mm Association wheel standards
44Assembly instructions for Binnie, Cooper Craft, Imp and Kestrel
45Stour Valley Steam engines (SVS) details for oscillating engine
46Plastic injection moulding at home
47Sculpting figures in clay
48Budget diesel loco construction
494w GVT style coach construction in 16mm
410Coach construction in wood and plastic
411Loco construction varies articles
412Basic silver soldering
413ABS models, White metal casting
414Oscillating engines articles
415Spirit fuel tanks and burner systems
416Pot boilers
417Slip return cranks
418Valve gears etc.
419Building a Shay
420Shay models
421Furzebrook railway article
422Persephone a 16mm model loco in plasticard
423Modelling the Glyn Valley Tramway
424Modelling the Whipsnade railway
425Modelling the Groudle Glen railway
426Modelling the Leighton Buzzard and PC Allen
427In Scale 'Lilla' Hunslet steam loco in 16mm scale
428Building 'Charles' Hunslet steam loco in 16mm scale
429Building 'Idris' DeWinton steam loco in 16mm scale
430Hobby’s 1/20 scale Horse bus
431Hobby’s 1/20 scale Trade van
432Hobby’s 1/20 scale Milk float
433Hobby’s Narrow boat plus British Waterways Board notes


51Linear voltage regulator/speed controller
52speed controller
53speed controller
54Electronic boiler level indicator
55CMOS 4001 power controller
57Strikalite battery charger
58Instruction sheet for Antenna models (LC301)
59Instruction sheet for Airedale models Sentinel 1000 glitch buster and Sentinel switch
510Motor for JD models 16mm quarry Hunslet (West Coast Kit Center)
511Instruction sheet for RCS remote control systems
512Construction article for 12 volt lead/acid (Yuasa) battery charger
513JD models Instruction sheet for battery locos
514RS data sheets for Batteries, Regulators and ICs
515Battery data sheets
516Radio control article by Brian Jones & Mac.five data sheet
517PCB manufacturing